Strategy and Organization

An organization is a complex system and the quality of its management is the most significant factor for success.

Aligned with your company goals, we can bring together maintenance, operations, and engineering to develop a Strategic Asset Management Plan and implement the required processes and organization, using the best practices based on ISO 55001, to continuously improve the value return on assets with a lower risk to the Business and Stakeholders using the correct asset information.

Strategic Asset Management Plan

Developing the Strategic Asset Management Plan considering your corporate values, mission, vision and goals to integrate all the different aspects of your asset management processes, systems and resources.

Risk Management

Ensuring the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of your business risks to establish the necessary actions control, eliminate or mitigate the impact of unfortunate events following the guidelines of ISO 31000 risk management standard.

Asset Management Processes Development

Developing your asset management business processes to ensure standard work practices, key roles, process interfaces and metrics, that enable the organization to manage in an efficient way the company’s asset management system.

Asset lifecycle management

Optimizing the life cycle of your assets beginning at conceptual design, operation, maintenance until decommissioning, through an integrated approach will allow you, to have a more robust decision making process for new asset introduction or replacement affecting your future capital investment plans.

ISO 55000

Following this guideline will ensure that your organization are getting the most out of your assets with less risk to the business.

Asset information and knowledge

Having access to asset data will help to improve your asset reliability studies, spares forecast, suppliers data in order to achieve maximum asset performance without spending to much non value added time just to get the information, that in most cases is available late or inaccurate.

Organization and Competences

Defining the organization aligned with the strategy and processes defined, including job roles and skills required to deliver the expected results.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Developing initiatives to continuously improve your business using lean and six sigma tools. Applying Innovation management standards as the ISO/CD 50501, or NP4457, will guide your company efforts to the journey of innovation a key factor of success for competitiveness.