Process Description

Today, business success is not only measured by the quality of products or services available on the market or its sales volume, but above all by the way it organizes, manages and controls its business processes. 
 The need for a systemic view on organizations, i.e. understanding of the whole from a global analysis of the parties and the interactions between them, leads us to understand the company as a set of interrelated and interdependent processes, implying that management unlink the focus that had at work, department or function to focus on work processes. A process is an organized and structured way of doing a work/task to achieve the intended deliverable irrespective of who is doing it. It is important that streamlined business processes are in place for any organization where many people are handling similar or same type of responsibilities, to ensure that business is conducted in an efficient and effective manner.

However, a process is not a single element since any time it depends on other processes to be "fed" and after its execution, the result achieved can be the input of a new process and so on, i.e. all processes have customers and suppliers, either internal or external to the organization.