Together we develop the best solutions for our customers!


g3p consulting has developed partnerships with several companies, with which it is proud to work in some multinational projects, to ensure the complementarity of resources and the possible reduction of costs through partners that guarantee the right solution to our clients:

  • Business Partners – They boost the activities in the realization of the projects through the complementarity and sum of competences.
  • Institutions - They allow the support in the development of new solutions or analysis of information.
  • Technological - They support the necessary complement to deliver the solution to the client, to ensure mobility, equipment connection, predictive analysis and reporting.
g3p consulting provides consulting projects for multinational companies operating in Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Japan, China, the UK, Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, Mauritius, India, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and Israel.