Operations and Performance Management

By implementing best practices we contribute to the goal of improving the efficiency or OEE of your assets and the cost of the asset life cycle.

We help your company to manage your assets performance through the creation of dashboards, implementation of the applicable work execution processes, supported by an efficient enterprise asset management (EAM) system, using operational best practices contributing to the final goal of improving your OEE and your asset life cycle cost.

Asset Management Performance Indicators

Defining the asset management dashboards with a visual appeal to the different levels of the organization will help you to monitor the performance of your asset management system with a reduction of the admin effort. These dashboards will require the definition of the lead and lag key performance indicators, data collection and analytics tools.

Operational Excellence Program

Improving your asset management system may require further operational excellence initiatives as lean, six sigma and process engineering. These programs will help you to support or sustain your asset improvement program with a holistic approach where waste reduction is seen as culture across the entire organization.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Improving your business using Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), by knowing and addressing the major losses affecting availability, performance and quality.

Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS)

Ensuring that your business processes are digitally supported to optimize your resources time and that the right data is readily available for analysis it will require an effective implementation of an EAM system. We can help you through system selection, workflow definitions, business intelligence and reports, data collection and validation.

Cost Management

Defining the maintenance cost structure with a zero based budget approach, will help you forecast your costs based on type and future activities and per asset in order to pinpoint your cost opportunities and maximize the return on your assets.

Spare Parts Management

Classifying parts business criticality, establishing the right ROP, and safety stocks and implementing the business processes related to spares will help you to have the right parts, at the right time, with the lowest possible cost at the minimum inventory value.

Contracts Management

Ensuring the correct outsourcing strategies, selection of the right service partner, will require the appropriate contract documentation and the definition of the service levels. This will help you to be in control of your service costs and asset performance.

Work Management

Establishing the appropriate work execution, planning and control processes in asset management will help you to improve asset availability and resources usage optimization.