Customized Handbook of Processes

g3p consulting’s accumulated experience in developing projects of this nature in recent years, with some of the world´s largest companies, from different sector with proven results, is the reliable partner for the design and implementation of Processes Development. The multidisciplinary knowledge of g3p consulting, consultants and the used of various tools considering industry´s best practices and management of the necessary information for each of the processes to develop

ensures interdependence between all activities and functions throughout process standardisations and information system alignments, in achieving the strategic goals of the organization. We ensure that the development of such projects is carried out, keeping in mind compliance with the standard requirements that are applicable to the specific sector and, if applicable, the use of the RDI activities classification. At g3p consulting we develop customized solutions in partnership with our clients and we do the follow-up of the implementation and monitoring of the processes, ensuring:

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    • Preparation of a handbook, which include:
      • Process Workflow (Processes and Sub-processes)
      • Responsibility Matrix