With the cumulated experience in national and international projects g3p consulting developed its own methodologies to address the specific needs of our clients.

In order to continuously innovate and improve always our performance and effectiveness, our services were designed based on the best and most current management practices and enable customization tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring a return on investment.
Our methodology, based on an initial assessment extended to all company departments, allows to identify the opportunities for improvement across the organization’s processes and the monetization of the existing interfaces between the methodologies and the tools used by g3p consulting.


As a result of the initial assessment, g3p consulting identifies and quantifies saving opportunities, process optimization potentials, and defines projects priorities to be implemented as well as the priority areas for implementation.
In this context, project management is a critical skill for the success of organizations and an instrument of change. g3p consulting is committed to offering project management services, applying its methodology both internally and in onsite projects managed together with its clients, thus supporting the implementation of Improvement Programs that, given their complexity, sometimes require a structured approach where the management of various projects within the programme is a required condition to achieve success in terms of time, cost, quality and resources.
Our approach follows the main project management steps, using the best practices supported by PMI’s PMBOK®.
In the monitoring of the projects under development, we use the PDCA management tool for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products:


Project management is the most effective way for organizations to avoid loss of productivity due to firefighting, by performing proper planning, execution and control.