g3p consulting is a lean asset management consulting company focused on growing productivity by promoting operational excellence through process optimization and skills development.

Lean Asset Management

g3p consulting offers a range of consulting services that interconnected enable a transverse view of the organization enabling an effective and efficient management ensuring return on investment.

Strategy and organization

Operations and Performance Management

Reliability Management

Industrial Internet of Things

Professional Training

 The training provided by g3p consulting presents two competitive advantages that will bring its clients the best results: flexibility and experience.

Training Needs Assessment

Setting targets and goals

Practical Application in the client environment

Measuring effectiveness

Our Approach and Methodology

g3p consulting develops its own methodologies for carrying out diagnostics, assessments and audits, allowing to identify current situation and priorities to support the implementation.

Assessments and Diagnostics

Priorities Identification


Implementation support

Business Sectors

The technical and operational expertise of the g3p consulting team, have enabled the company to carry out operations in several different range of Industrial and services sectors.


> 25 %

OEE Improvement

< 20 %

Maintenance Costs

> 50 %

Unplanned Downtime reduction

1350 /Hours

Preventive Maintenance Hours released


I will use the maintenance cost management logic to apply in other business areas of the site. (Finances Manager)

13 Abril, 2017

From 75 sites worldwide we have won the prize for the best improvement project, thanks to the results achieved from our 3 years maintenance management program, supported by g3p consulting (Reliability Eng.)

13 Abril, 2017

With the support of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) program implemented g3p consulting, I stopped being called at night to solve maintenance problems.  (Maintenance Eng.)

13 Abril, 2017

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